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These are generative digital art images (or "dynamic paintings"); they change constantly whilst keeping a composition.

With Ambient Music for mindfulness and meditation:

You can   popup a player for the generative Ambient album "Light" by Christopher Sisk - which I think works beautifully here. and have it playing along with these images.

Robert Rich's deeply evocative ambient music can be played with his popup player.

On some of these works you will see audio controls for my choice of music (selected from BandCamp).

More Ambience:

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San Base  - a Canada-based digital artist producing surreal, enigmatic and calming dynamic paintings.

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Much that's intriguing in art and music can emerge from combining rich elements with a guide but not a goal. Like evolution, if there is a diverse "ecosystem" and someone or something selecting the best combinations, then the best of the unexpected can emerge.

I've been experimenting with processes to combine images, for a long time. Starting with a few photographs or drawings, I set the layout, kick the process off, and see the millions of combinations emerge. I take the more promising results, treat them and save them - or put them back as new raw material.

All those waiting-room displays, with advertisements: couldn't they instead show a dynamic painting, one that always changes, but is always interesting and, like a sky- or cloud-scape, always familiar?

Please enjoy and feel free to comment and get in touch.

Go to a Slow Painting... (Or just wait to be taken there. Click on any painting to randomly reload). And I recommend you take a look at the Electric Objects EO1 digital art panel: these works are designed to be displayed on it.

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